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Rise of Nations-Rise Of Legend Review

Rise of Legends Strategy PC Games Review

* Microsoft Game Studios

* Big Huge Games

* Real-Time Strategy

* Release: May 9, 2006

* ESRB: Teen

Rise of Nations - Rise of Legends is one of the most attractive strategy games I have played for a very long time. The story which goes through the single player campaigns is pretty good and exciting but after you see the massive metal units you can construct and make huge armies you will be blown away by how fun and enjoyable this game is.

Other gaming sites game the game a score of 7.6/10 but i think the game deserves a 9/10 score. The title of the game really leads you to believe its a ancient strategy type of game but its actually very technology advanced futuristic strategy game where you can build huge armies, giant metal spiders and so much more.

As you advance through the campaign you will unlock different races which have their own advantages and weaknesses, the campaigns are not very hard at the beginning but as you advance it gets a lot harder and you will have to do some planning in order to be successful.

The game also has some amazing hero elements, you can pick heroes to help you through your campaigns and each of them have their own abilities, they can be upgraded and you can also use the same upgrade points to either upgrade your hero skills or get better units in the beginning of each campaign. I like to mix them and get from both but that's just me.

Graphics are very attractive and even though my PC is little bit slow i was still able to enjoy great graphics with no lag and enjoy the game to the max 8/10.

Sound is also very good and each character and unit has its own voice even though some effect sounds are missing 7/10.

Overall the game is very attractive and it would definitely addict you and keep you entertained through the campaigns because with each completed missing or region you get something new being a new hero to torment your opponents or a new unit to a new race you can explore.
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Farm Frenzy 3 Review

Who would have thought that you could make a game out of all the hard work that happens on a farm? Well, here is the third installment of the Farm Frenzy series which I'm sure will continue to be a fan favorite.

This game brings a lot of new gaming experience to the table with its 95 levels and five global locations. Whole new experiences come with the various locations like penguins eating fish in the cold arctic climates to loins showing up in the Africa areas.

One really nice change between Farm Frenzy Pizza Party and Farm Frenzy 3 is, no more "recipes"! While recipes did add a new dimension to the game play, I personally did not like the complicated recipe system that Farm Frenzy Pizza Party introduced to the series. Farm Frenzy 3 is more "back to the basics" with its gaming style, starting you off with the basic chickens and feed, gathering eggs to store in your warehouse, and finally loading up your truck to sell your goods in town to earn money for upgrades. As the game progresses you will be introduced to new buildings and new animal types, each of these new buildings and animals offer you higher profits from the products you can produce.

Besides the solid, entertaining game play, Farm Frenzy 3 also upgraded the visual aspect of the game by enhancing the rich buildings and animals with more dimension and shadows. Everything in the game is now very dimensional, from the animated buildings to the more detailed, 3D looking animals. One drawback to the upgraded graphics is that the game does require a little more "horse power" from your computer to render the graphics smoothly. If you're running an older computer, you may notice some slowdowns when fast action is occurring like predators dropping from the sky while having a large amount of activity occurring on your farm.

Final thoughts, I was very happy to see the simple game play come back into Farm Frenzy 3 like it was in the original two games in this series, but also there are enough new places, new animals and new building to make this a highly addictive game. The massive number of levels gives you a ton of game play that will keep you happily farming and entertained for hours! Good luck and happy farming!
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Update 3 to F2P.

Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited will perform updates to the 3.

This latest update is the update where the game will be free to play.Beberapa game system will be changed to be more friendly to new players of this game because this game will have a free 2 play.Update will be made on February 3, 2010

The following statement from Turbine.

On February 3rd, Update 3 will go live on the DDO's servers. This update is the first that has been designed after the model of free to play began, as Updates 1 and 2 were mostly complete before the business model transition. Players will see a great response to their feedback to the new F2P model in this update, and make some significant changes Dungeons and Dragons Online even friendlier for the free-to-play player.

For more details information you can visit their site at
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Marcus Fenix and Dom Fight Akrid in Lost Planet 2

Interwoven cooperation with Microsoft seems Capcom has included a game developer for Microsoft veteran. In collaboration with Capcom Microsoft this time, American game developer, Epic, has lent two main characters from the series of popular games Gears of War, Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago, to appear in Lost Planet 2 is going to come.

The appearance of two soldiers is Delta Squad has demonstrated clearly its action in the fight against alien species that is the enemy in the game Lost Planet, Akrid, the new trailer shown at Capcom event last night. Most likely to believe allegations of Marcus and Dom to present exclusively as a cameo on the Xbox 360 version of Lost Planet 2.

As of the date of release of this game that will fall on May 18 next, then the chances for any further news related to Capcom and exclusive cooperation of this Epic. If the appearance of Marcus and Dom are limited only to the Xbox 360, PS3 gamers will certainly look forward news of a similar cameo for the PlayStation 3 version of it. Sev from Killzone 2? Or maybe Nathan Hale from Resistance?
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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

PlayStation 3, Main Console Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

At each time a multiplatform game is launched, the view of the console with the advantage over the others would often appear. One of them may be significant enough to be felt at the time not long ago, in a fairly Bayonetta maximum perceived lack of PS3 and show better performance on Xbox 360.

Now, the producer of the game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow also provides a statement ahead of a more appropriate platform for these games. "PS3 is the 'lead platform' for this game, but the same game on both formats available," said David Cox, the producer of the Lords of Shadow.

Besides revealing about it, Cox also provides confirmation that the Lords of Shadow will present the perspective view with fixed camera style. A view that sounded like features will resemble God of War, which impressed applied to give the impression that more cinematic.

Lords of Shadow was first introduced at E3 2009 and rumored to be showing results with the involvement of the creator Metal Gear Solid, Hideo Kojima. No matter how far from Kojima's role in this one project, but the Lords of Shadow has been expected to appear in this year. So, just wait on the game.
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ASUS Republic of Gamer Tampilkan Komponen dan Sistem Terbaik untuk Dominasi Gaming Penuh

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) is a brand synonymous with sophisticated design, industry-leading innovation and extreme performance. ROG is widely used by the gaming and overclocking world, therefore, the ROG has shown itself to be the best weapon in the arena of gaming and overclocking. At CES 2010, ROG displays some of the newest equipment that has long waited to meet all aspects of gaming and overclocking for users ranging from home users to mobile gamers to DIY enthusiasts. Ranks of the leaders in this series was inspired by stealth fighter aircraft types which G73Jh ASUS gaming notebook tough and ergonomic for gamers who frequently move around, while the ASUS Essentio CG5275 unparalleled performance combined with attractive designs to enhance the gaming experience full time at home playing games . Finally, for users who want the best components to complete their dream gaming system, offered ROG Matrix Series graphics cards that are innovative and intuitive and III Motherboard Rampage Extreme X58-based respite support up to four graphics cards.

Notebook ASUS ROG G73Jh - First attack and win with Precision Design and Without Known

Notebook ASUS ROG G73Jh gaming unlike any other notebook. With a design that takes inspiration from stealth fighter aircraft Lockheed F117 Nighthawk is silent but deadly, G73Jh also displays a matte black exterior with a two-point "heat dissipation" is located on the back of the notebook. At the core of there G73Jh Intel ® Core ™ i7 processor, system memory up to 8GB of DDR3 and 1TB storage for gaming and multitasking performance extremes. With the Turbo Extreme mode that can be accessed through the application ASUS Power4 Gear Hybrid, the user can improve system performance in real time without restart. As the first gaming notebook is compatible with DirectX 11, G73Jh presents the best graphics by ATI Radeon ™ HD5870 with 1GB GDDR5 video memory. Along with the ability and visual performance there, it also included 4.0 EAX and CMSS 3D Surround Sound for a true gaming experience - real. G73Jh also provides a more comfortable gaming experience for users with appropriate ergonomic design with wrist position. Playing games for a long time now can be done in a very comfortable because the back of the hands remain cold thanks ventilation design on the back of the G73Jh. As a complement, G73Jh Stealth Mode is equipped with a single click allows the user to disable ambient light system as well as the F117 Nighthawk pilots before the bombing to attack the perfect hidden.

Essentio ASUS CG5275 Desktop - Perfect Combination Gaming and Design Capabilities of Interest

Gaming desktop ASUS CG5275 latest Essentio designed from the beginning to provide powerful performance, reliability and functionality of user-centered and designed to provide gaming skills without leaving your desk, all united in a futuristic casing. CG5275 is available with Intel ® Core ™ I5 and I3, and equipped to the latest 12GB DDR3 memory for gaming response very quickly, but it is also available graphics card NVIDIA ® GeForce ® GTX260 dedicated to serving the real graphics with 896MB video memory and external storage capacity 1TB to store regular games, videos, movies and other data more.

Essentio ASUS CG5275 use some of the features a user-oriented, including the ASUS EPU which monitors electricity usage and also provides a hardware-based overclocking. CG5275 also to diagnose the overall system and also other components to ensure maximum effectiveness of the system. CG5275 is equipped with ASUS exclusive Q-fan that allows the system is running at full speed with minimal noise levels. Finally, the 802.11n wireless connectivity to provide high-speed data transfer and operation without any interference between n-draft devices, while the AI Security allows users to secure their devices and AI Boot allows them to do the boot priority levels.
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Mass Effect 2 Xbox 360 Bundle release "Super Elite"

Bundle Xbox 360 Mass Effect 2 Limited Edition has been announced today for the Australian regional markets. Xbox 360 was released in the latest themes from the BioWare game was set to be sold for AUD $ 599 (USD $ 550).

The contents of this special packaging, among others, is a black Xbox 360 with 250GB HDD, two wireless controllers, a headset, and a copy of Mass Effect 2 games. Unfortunately, apart from Mass Effect 2 to be the theme for this package, no special design their own patterns on the console. However, the 250GB HDD itself is certainly one attraction for potential Xbox 360 buyers in the region who want a large capacity HDD.

Until now, this new thematic bundles announced only for the Australian region. Others did not rule that the bundle with a similar theme could have had content changes to a different area. Maybe just for a Mass Effect 2.
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